Meet Our Doctors

Meet The Team


Chris Macedo


Chris was born and raised in Colorado. Chris started her live and lived with animals on the Banning & Lewis Ranch. She has 2 dogs, a greyhound named Sara and a basset hound named Dixee. Chris also has a cat named Freja.



Nap Superviser

The hospital nap supervisor is also a professional lap warmer and paper weight. His interests range from sleeping on computers to people watching, or is that, sleeping on people and computer watching. Either way Boots is a great teammate and purrrfect helper around the clinic!


Jessica Christy

Lead Veterinary Technician

Jessica was born and raised in Connecticut. She served five years in the United States Army. Jessica then graduated from Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technicians and became a certified technician in 2015. Jessica currently has three dogs and a cat.


Stephanie Da Silva 

Veterinary Assistant

I'm from the east coast born in Lowell, Massachusetts. I attended Becker college and transferred to UMass Amherst where I graduated in 2017 in Veterinary studies. I moved out here about 4 months, after graduation to experience what Colorado has to offer. I love the outdoors and pushing myself to new limits! I have a big love for animals especially my cat Honiee and a big heart for food. I'm just trying to experience what life has to offer one step at a time.


Whitney Maple

Veterinary Assistant

She searched aimlessly for a career that fit her desires. She graduated Tabor in 2015 with a bachelors in Visual arts, and began doing graphic design. But, alas, this didn't fill her desires. So she stopped and thought long and hard. And suddenly, it dawned on her..."pets." She began searching and finally found a place that would teach her the skills and techniques. She settled down at Cook Veterinary Hospital to learn under the masters. And now her abilities have given her a semi okay title, the Veterinary Assistant. You can find her at your one and only Cook Veterinary Hospital. She also likes volleyball and coaching, video games and ramen. She is...Whitney Maple.

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Carin Ramsel DVM

Carin Ramsel graduated in 2003 from Kansas State University. She moved to Colo. in 2005 to be closer to family. Dr. Ramsel, seeking new ways to help pets, took several courses in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and now uses it to compliment Western Medicine. She is currently a finishing her master's degree in TCVM and will be one of the first American veterinarians to have this distinction. She enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family, 2 dogs, & foster cat.